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Roundup Msgfile extension

NOTE: I am no longer maintaining or using this extension. It was developed for roundup 1.4.20 and may require changes to work with recent roundup versions. A newer version may be available from R2D2's repository.

This extension consists of two parts. The first part is a patch to issue.item.html that

  1. changes the issue view to display attachments together with the messages they came with
  2. removes the separate file list with the option to remove a file

To illustrate this, you can look at a screenshot before and after the patch has been applied.

You can apply this patch by dowloading the file issue.item.html.diff and executing the command

$ patch < issue.item.html.diff

in the html directory of your tracker.

The second part of the extension is a new detector which

  1. ensures that attachments cannot be added without a message (if no message has been specified, a short default message is created instead)
  2. prevents the removal of individual attachments
  3. removes all attachments of a message if the message itself is removed

Because one can only add one attachment at a time using the web interface, attachments that are added directly after each other without individual messages are attached to the last message.

To install this detector, simply place the file in your detectors directory.

Note: This detector can also be used to physically remove messages and files instead of just detaching them from an issue. To enable this feature, edit in your favorite editor and uncomment the appropriate statements (they should be around line 74 and are well commented).